Nottz Talks To Mixtape Daily About The Rawth EP

Christopher B. • February 05, 2011 • No Comments

Nottz sat down with MTV’s Mixtape Daily to speak about about his collaborative project with Asher, “The Rawth EP”.

Here’s a little bit of what he had to say.

“Gotta Get Up” (featuring D.A. Wallach of Chester French): “That was for Asher’s new album that’s coming out. It was surprising because he sent me the joint and said he got D.A. on the hook. At the time, I didn’t know who D.A. was. I thought, ‘Wow, this is crazy.’ I did my research and I found out who it was. Then D.A. hit me and asked for a bunch of beats and he would do hooks. So we [were] just waiting on that. D.A. is a good dude. Asher knows a lot of people, I know a lot of people and we just came together and used what we had [to put this project together].”

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