Lex Luger Interview With MTV’s Mixtape Daily [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • January 22, 2011 • No Comments

Producer Lex LugerProducer Lex Luger talked to MTV.com about how he got started in production and gives details on how he created his hits “BMF,” “Hard In Da Paint” and says that Kanye West was a perfectionist in creating “H.A.M.”

“I played him a lot of beats, but he liked the ones that I didn’t expect him to like, ” he told MTV. “I left, like, eight beats with him; he called me, like, two weeks later and he said he wanted, for sure, two. That was one of the ones. … I sent him the track out. He did what he did to it, still I didn’t hear the song. I couldn’t hear it until everyone else heard it.

[spotted @nahright]

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