Kanye Boasts To Be Top Three Among Producers

Christopher B. • October 29, 2010 • 4 Comments

During his sit down with MTV, Mr. West reveals that he has a friend “that didn’t realize I produced the last Jay-Z album”. If that’s not interesting enough he goes on to claim to be a “top three producer” as well as “top three in every field”. While some may argue about his status as a rapper or producer one thing is for sure, he’s never short on confidence.

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  • TheLetterL • 10 years ago

    Why does this interview remind me of that episode of Entourage when Vinny was interviewing with the director of the new movie he was doing and he looked coked out?

  • juiceboxjackson • 10 years ago

    speaking of arrogance, this guy is the worst…

  • dynamicwayne • 10 years ago

    Great Post.!