Alchemist Speaks On 9th Wonder’s Production

Christopher B. • October 27, 2010 • 2 Comments

THE ALCHEMIST SPEAKS ON 9TH WONDER from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

This clip, taken from the upcoming documentary “The Wonder Year”, has Alchemist speaking about 9th Wonder’s production style. He explains how the view on beats is that they reflect the producers true personality and every beat 9th makes is an exact depiction of him as a person. “The Wonder Year” is set to be released in 2011.

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  • juiceboxjackson • 10 years ago

    arrrrrrgggghhh, 9th’s promotion plan is working in reverse for me right now…a former fan who would buy anything just cause his name was attached to it, now turned off by his arrogance and seemingly ever-increasing ego. Dude is just not that nice…I don’t get what the freaking big deal is!!

  • dynamicwayne • 10 years ago

    Dope video..