Producer Symbolyc One Is “On The Come Up”

Christopher B. • August 27, 2010 • No Comments

By now everyone knows who S1 is, if you don’t then I suggest you turn off your mpc and come out of your momma’s basement! The man who brought us Kanye’s “Power” sat down with ASCAP for their “On The Come Up” series to talk about his introduction into the music industry as well as his work with, of course, Kanyeezy. Here’s a small excerpt of their interview.

How did you get the opportunity to work with Kanye? And how was your experience working with him?

S1: I was introduced to Kanye through Rhymefest (for whom I produced four tracks, including the first two singles on his album, El Che). Kanye really liked the “Power” beat that Fest played for him, and a couple days after he heard it, I was on a plane to Hawaii. Kanye has super energy in the studio. He’s a genius! He took the foundation that I laid, added to it, and beefed the song up to its maximum potential. The end result was his creative vision.

What was your inspiration for “Power?”

S1: Just trying to make world music! When I first heard the vocal chants, I knew the beat and everything around it had to be BIG. So, I put the drums on it and a siren to give it more energy. Kanye and his team did the rest. He knew the potential of the track was big, so he really took his time on it to get it right.

Click here for the full interview.

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