Fat Beats Closing Stores, Donwill Saw It Coming

JLBarrow • August 19, 2010 • No Comments

Yesterday the internet was buzzing with the news that Fat Beats would be closing their L.A and NY stores this September. Most hip-hop heads are mourning the loss of yet another institution but let’s be real, no on should be surprised.

Brick and mortar record stores have been closing for years and a niche shop like Fat Beats was more reliant on a fickle cheap consumer than most. I’ve been to the one here in NY on various occasions for in-store events or to cop a CD from an aspiring MC hanging out downstairs.  But with hip-hop music sales on the decline and even more so for vinyl, it would have taken a miracle to keep a store like Fat Beats open.

Earlier this year I spoke to Donwill of Tanya Morgan about their song “She’s Gone” for a Hip-Hop Valentine’s Day list and he broke down for me that his verse wasn’t about the metaphorical H.E.R as much as it was about physical brick and mortar record stores

Quotable: “I thought she was too innocent for relations/ until she introduced me to electric relaxation…”

The song is actually about the death of brick an mortar record stores,” he told me in an interview for TheUrbanDaily.com. “One day while out in Cincinnati I took Von on a driving tour of the city. And I drove past a record store I grew up shopping at [and it] was closed. The store was called Kipps Record Arcade and it was a BIG part of my life. Goin up there every Tues/Thurs to get releases. Goin in to pick up the weekly/monthly release schedule. And on an even deeper level the comradery of me and my friends planning all week and looking forward to going to the store and debating who was gonna buy what so that we could make dubs… upon thinking deeper about it it was kinda like finding out a girl you were in love with had died or moved on without a trace.

Nodfactor is sad to see Fat Beats go but we’re glad we were in the house for some great moments:

Apollo Brown In-Store for The Reset

Skyzoo In-Store for The Salvation

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