Lex Luger Sits With Complex Talks B.M.F. & More

Christopher B. • July 12, 2010 • No Comments

The good people over at Complex recently got up with Lex Luger to talk about his quick rise through
the industry. In case you’ve been hiding under a boulder and don’t know who Lex is, he’s a 19 year old producer taking the industry by storm producing such tracks as Ricky Rozay’s “B.M.F.” and “MC Hammer” along with Waka’s “Hard In The Paint”, not too shabby.

Here’s an excerpt from Complex’s interview where Lex talks about how “B.M.F.” and “MC Hammer” came to be. To read it in its entirety click here.

Spiff of SpiffTV reached out to me for the “Hard In The Paint” instrumental because Ross wanted that. Spiff directed the “O Let’s Do It Remix” video out in Atlanta’s Grand Central Station spot. People were bumping “Hard In The Paint” in a car and he was like, “What song is that?” This is before “Hard In The Paint” even blew up. It was just the streets was fucking with it. So he was like, “Who the hell did that?” So he got on the computer and searched, “Who produced this song.” He found me on MySpace and Twitter and hit me like, “I need some of this music.” And I told him, “I got it, but I got other stuff that’s way better.” I was sending Spiff 30 beats a day for seven days. I sent him a gang of beats and out of those beats was “B.M.F.” and “MC Hammer.”

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