D-Dot Tells Story Of Unfinished Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj Collaboration

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From Vibe.com

It was the ultimate female rap co-sign: Lil Kim hops on a track with underground-bubbling-but-mainstream-nobody Nicki Minaj to keep the female rap torch ablaze. The only problem—it never quite happened.

Hip-hop web heads were left perplexed after an un-mastered track called “Everywhere We Go,” which featured the currently feuding Kim and Minaj, hit the Internet earlier this month, with drops from storied producer Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie seemingly certifying it’s authenticity. The former Bad Boy beatmaker told VIBE that the two-year-old track was intended to be a Queen Bee and Barbie collab, but Kim never laid her verse.

“As soon as Kim came home from jail—right before Dancing With The Stars—I was like, ‘There’s this new bitch that’s about to be hot, you might want to fuck with her,’” remembers D-Dot, who laid the beat. “Nicki came to the studio and did the verse with me. She hadn’t even met Kim.”

So what happened? CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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