Ayatollah Dropping New Album Cocoon

JLBarrow • June 29, 2010 • No Comments

Right on the heels of The Quixotic legendary producer Ayatollah is back with another instrumental album, Cocoon.

“I’m going through a musical transformation,” he describes. “It’s a musical growth process, like a larvae going to a butterfly. I’ve gotten more creative, and my beats are getting better and better.”

Cocoon will be available as a digital download on Nature Sounds July 20th.

Download the track “Lonely Girl” by clicking HERE. Tracklisting is below.

Cocoon Tracklisting
1. Gordon’s War
2. Casino
3. Getting To Know Me
4. Dig This
5. The Writers Bench
6. Bubble
7. Soul Power
8. WOW
9. Heaven Can’t Wait
10. Reefer
11. Lonely Girl
12. Rhyme Amazing
13. Growth
14. It
15. Black Ivory
16. You And I
17. When Tomorrow Comes
18. How Ya’ll Feel Out There

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