It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2

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Society Original Products Presents: It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2.

After the success of last year’s volume 1, 6th is back with a whole new selection of a whole new collection.
On 7/13, in conjunction with Society, a limited edition run of CD’s and t-shirts will be available as a package.  They will be available as a purchase, but will also be available as giveaways through contests that will be run. For volume 2 there will also be numerous videos for the instrumentals, directed by talented visual artists and videographers.  Stay tuned!
it’s a 6th Sense beat yo!! peace out!! goodnight!!”


1.  Oh 6!

2.  The Walk Of Shame

3.  The Warship

4.  Rock NYC

5.  It’s Gettin Kinda Hot

6.  Wherever You Are, There You Go

7.  In My Sleep

8.  Thoughts

9.  Sounds From The Front Row

10.  Freshness

11.  Buttercup Remix

12.  Air Born

13.  Story of No One

14.  Inspire

15.  Making That Noise

16.  Arcade Fly

17.  Eye Know

18.  Losing My Mind

19.  Use Your Head

20.  Further

21.  Sunrise

22.  It’s Santastic!

23.  Raise It Up

24.  Spotlight

25.  Let It Breathe

26.  In The Wind

27.  Mind Got Blown

28.  Contact!

29.  Can’t Get It Right Today

30.  Good Happenings

31.  4 out of 5

32.  Here I Am

33.  Cana

34.  Perfect

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