True Master Shares Tips He Learned From Easy Mo Bee

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In an exclusive interview with Wu-Tang producer True Master drops some jewels as well as shares some knowledge he got from the legendary Easy Mo Bee:

Sa’id: What tricks?

True Master: With hi-hats and snares, volume changes… If you take your kick, and let’s say, you copy it, three times, then lower the volume on one kick, then keep one volume the same, then lower the volume on one. So it’s a three-hit flow. One hit is softer, one hit is milder, you know. That’s one of the tricks… Adding an echo to one hi-hat is another trick. There’s gotta be some unique ingredient while you’re doing your beats. ‘Cuz a lot of times it’s more of feelin’ your way through it, as opposed to knowing exactly where you want to go!

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