EXCLUSIVE: King Karnov On Making Little Brother’s “So Cold”

JLBarrow • April 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

King Karnov shares how DJ Khalil gave him the assist on a placement and the use of live instruments in his track “So Cold” for Little Brother.

[It all happened ] Through Bishop Lamont, and through DJ Khalil at a studio session. Khalil gave Little Brother the beat cd and my beat was on there. They really liked it and Bishop Lamont was supposed  to have the 3rd verse on the song.

From what I understand, Khalil was playing beats in the studio, and he already has a lot of my tracks on his HD, I send him stuff every so often, and pooh and tae was in Khalil studio listening to beats. They thought it was a Khalil beat but he told them naw it’s a King Karnov beat.

He gave them my contact info, we talked about putting it on the EP that was coming out but they liked it so much that they placed it on the album.

[The beat] is me playing instruments. I was playing the organ, and tweaked up a farfisa rock organ sound and played a chord progression with that. Then layered a live bass with bass synth, and keyboard bass. That’s why the bass sound like it’s either live or keyboard played because it was.

The kick is a live kick the snare is from a CBS library record. I just mixed them and EQed them.

I heard the final product like 3-4 months ago. I thought it was incredible. I’m like dang, I wanted to work with them after hearing The Listening. But man they want to work with me, that’s crazy.

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