Pete Rock Finally Admits He’s Working With Kanye On “Good Ass Job”

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At Peter Rosenberg’s Noisemakers last night, Pete Rock finally admitted that he’s working with Kanye on Good Ass Job, after denying it last month by saying he was in Hawaii for “just a vacation.”

[22:15] [Rosenberg: First of all shout out to Kanye for making hip-hop so big that when you hear somebody’s traveling to Hawaii, you’re like “oh my god.” So what’s up with this Kanye thing?] Yeah I’m working with him. That’s it, that’s all I could say. [Rosenberg: You went out there to Hawaii?] Yeah, I went out there… He feels like a little brother to me, like my little brother that’s doing it. We got along just fine. He’s definitely hip-hop… [24:10] He takes it to another level. We had these musicians and we did this song. They played around my little raggedy beat and made it real big. [Rosenberg: Did you hear him rhyme?] [Exhales] Yup. I love the way he works. He goes from one room writing rhymes, and then goes to the another room fixing a beat, and then he goes in another room to do something else.

He then talks about wanting to work with Eminem & Jay-Z.

[25:40] [Rosenberg: There’s an Eminem record dropping this year too, have you ever had any contact with Em?] I would love to. I never [met him.] He’s a producer too. [Rosenberg: I feel like he could still benefit from Pete Rock. I love Renegade and all, but I feel like he could still..] I love Eminem, I think he’s one of the dopest. Ever. I started questioning Jay-Z when he got at him on that joint. I take nothing away from Jay, I just thought Em’s verse was incredible. [Rosenberg: Why has there not been a Jay record? I talked to him, I know you’re one of his favorites and yet there’s never been anything. Was there ever going to be anything?] We never worked together, I always wanted to. Actually I gave him a beat that I did for Kurupt, “Yessir”. I was hoping that he used it


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