Kane Beatz Is “The Building”

Christopher B. • March 31, 2010 • 1 Comment

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the man that brought us hits such as “Bedrock”,
“Steady Mobbin”, my vote as one of the most underrated beats of ’09, and “Tuck Ya Ice”.
During the interview he talks his discovery, 2010 expectations, and the inspiration for
K. Michelle’s new single “Fallin”.

Mike Caren, Exec. VP of A&R at Atlantic discovered you off of Soundclick, prior to him did any other A&R’s or label execs show interest in your production?
Yeah, I was working on soundclick…so artists and a few A&R’s and managers were tryin to holla at me

When was the last time you logged on and used your sound click page?
Im not able to work the soudclick page because of my work load , so it’s ran by my team for a while…from time to time i drop beats on there to show love

Your mostly known for your hip hop production but you recently did K Michelle’s “Fallin” which further shows your diversity, where did you get your inspiration from?
That inspiration came from a Stacey Lattisaw sample called “Angel”. I heard the sample and knew I could remake the track. I brought Ashanti “the mad violinist” in to do the track with me and it was a wrap. We were able to recreate an old sound but bring it up to date.

Last year you had two record on Billboard’s Hot 100, “Steady Mobbin” and the hit single “Bedrock” coming off that success what expectations do you have for 2010?
Non-stop working right now. Just dropped the T-pain Reverse Cowgirl and that’s working its way up the charts now, “Fallin” is doing great also. This year I don’t expect anything less but the best from myself and the people around me. I’m trying to make my mark this year, and it’s gonna happen!

We’re only a couple months in but I’m sure you have tracks already placed for twenty ten, what records do you have slated to drop this year?

I cant really talk about everything, but the T-pain record “Reverse Cowgirl” just dropped, shout out to my boy Jmike who I worked on that track with. The Birdman “Loyalty” record with Wayne leaked, I’m in the studio working with alot of people write now.

What equipment do you have sitting in your studio right now?
keyboards, the fantom, midi keyboards, vsts, computers, I use everything ….We got logic in here, I run FL studio, I also use alot of live instruments so we got all types of instruments laying around the studio

Who are some of your musical influences?

Kanye, Mannie Fresh, man really anyone that’s on the grind

Any plans on opening your own label or production company?

Its done already “The Building” is the name of my label.

What is it your looking for exactly and how would producers/artists go about submitting material to you?
yea man really anyone whos dope, you can send me your demos or whatever to thebuildingmp3@gmail.com

Take any three artists and put them on a track together, who would it be and why?
kanye, eminem, wanye…..kanye changes music eminem is lyrically crazy, and wayne is just wayne a beast

If you had your pick to be a part of any project, which artist would you choose?
2 Pac

What advice would you give to producers who are in the grind trying to land their first placement and get their name out there?
Man honestly this business is a grind. You grind your way to the top and it will come. If you want it go get it!

Any last words for our readers out there?
Thank you for the interview. Lets Get it “The Building”

Stacy Lattisaw-Let Me Be Your Angel

K. Michelle-Fallin

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