VIDEO: DJ Babu Celebrates Dilla Day!

jlb_admin • February 13, 2010 • No Comments

“On this day, mos people prolly watched the Superbowl, not me…..I celebrated DILLA DAY! Follow me as i go diggin at the record fair, smoke one wit dilla, go to Fat Beats LA to pickup a “doughnut”, and make it back to the lab in time for an interview and photo shoot!
Shouts out to the PCC Record Fair, Joey Chavez, Alchemist, Leon the Latin record guy, Kevin “the record man” (yes, the program kev), Byze-One, that family at the cemetary, J-Dilla, Big Pun, Houseshoes, Soup, & Fat Beats LA

DJ BABU “THE BEAT TAPE VOL.2” in stores 2/23/10 on Nature Sounds!

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