VIDEO: Sean C & LV Remember Grandmaster Roc Raida

JLBarrow • January 21, 2010 • 8 Comments

In part three of’s interview with Sean C & LV, the producers recount how they met the late Grandmaster DJ Roc Raida and their history with the X-Men/ X-Ecutioners.

Part 2 Sean C says Ghost’s “Barrell Brothers” beat was original meant for Nas.

“We told Puff we were in the studio for THREE DAYS with no shower…”

Like many producers I’d HEARD Sean C before I knew who he was. Back 1998 when Smiff-N-Wessun’s “Won On Won” video was bouncing in my TV speakers I remember loving the beat, but it wasn’t until years later that I actually peeped the credits to see who was behind it. (Steele may have mentioned it in my interview for Beat Down magazine but I honestly don’t remember.) Truth be told it didn’t even register with me who was behind Jay-Z’s “Cant Knock The Hustle” until years later because I was too busy screaming from my bicycle “money ain’t a thang!” Plus I was more consumed with the names I knew like DJ Premier and Clark Kent, (guess that’s whay dude named himself Knobody, huh?). And if you’d bet me a drink at the bar to name Big Pun’s DJ back in 1998 I’d be ponying up on some Hennessy pretty fast, but here is LV just laughing at all of us now.

Fast forward almost ten years and you can’t open a magazine, read a blog or listen to the radio without hearing about “Sean C & LV” aka Grind Music, the producers of Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys” (and about half of the American Gangster CD), Ghostface’s “Paisley Darts”, Diddy’s “I Am” and the list goes on.

So in’s first interview of 2010 we bring a multi-part sit-down with Grind Music. In this first clip they share how they started out together at Loud Records, the nuances of working with Jay-Z and the task master that is Diddy.

In subsequent parts they will be sharing memories of the late Big Pun and Grandmaster Roc Raida, as well as their thoughts on sampling, record leaks and what they are working on next. Buckle up.

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  • hiphoplives4ever • 11 years ago

    ANYONE who flows over a Sean C / LV track is gonna sound good—but, then again ,they only hook up great emcees at they level !
    That new shit they came out with on the Krs-One / Greenie “It’s All Good” CD is hot, for example!