VIDEO: BeKay Talks About “Rap Star (Hunger Pains)”

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On the title cut to his album Hunger Pains, Bekay mentions running into Scram Jones and Erick Sermon’s studio back in the day when he was looking for a record deal so I had him elaborate on that story.

Matt Diamond, CEO ofCoalmine Records, gives more detail on the making of the track:

“Interesting thing about this record was that it was actually recorded long before Hunger Pains was set in

motion and was a track that Bekay has been performing for quite sometime throughout various open mics

& showcases in NYC. Also, from a production standpoint, there were actually 3 producers involved. Alkota

out of Alaska first brought the track to Bekay’s attention. When it came time to mix the record, I thought the

track was dope, but it was pretty busy…I loved how the sample was flipped but I wanted it to go in a slightly

different direction. I actually had Domingo work on the track a bit and he found the the drum pattern that fit well,

but it was actually Unknown from Twice As Nice Productions out of Australia that found just the right type of drum

sounds that vibed well with the sample, making the finished product good to go.”

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