WHO DID THAT BEAT? King Karnov Is Back On His Bullsh*t

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King Karnov
From: Minneapolis, MN
Credits: Busta Rhymes, “Watch How You Talk” and “We Want In”

Contact: Myspace

The very first producer featured in Hydrosonics is busy making moves.  Read more…

“Watch How You Talk”

“We Want In”

NODFACTOR.COM: Glad we were finally able to catch up again. That “Watch How You Talk” is hard and it’s definitely your style. Did you make the beat specifically for Busta or was it one you had in the stash that you sent?
King Karnov: No I had  that beat on a beattape. The “We Want In” was as well but then I kind of tailored that for Bus cuz I had to replay the instruments.
NODFACTOR.COM: Which ones?
King Karnov: Piano, bass, clavinet and strings.
NODFACTOR.COM: Why did you have to replay them? Sample clearance issues?
King Karnov: Yeah you know that. The majority of the album was pretty sample free.
NODFACTOR.COM: The project as a whole got some pretty bad reviews. How did that feel?
King Karnov: I feel like the reviews were pretty harsh but it’s all good.
NODFACTOR.COM: Have you spoken to Busta since the album dropped? What is your relationship like with him, if any?
King Karnov: Aw man we like family man. He definitely looks out for me. When he came to mpls we chopped it up. Was about to hit the studio and the gym but he had another show. He’s a good brother.
NODFACTOR.COM: How did you first link up?
King Karnov: Through Bishop Lamont (big up to Bishop) because they worked on a song that I produced and he hooked me up with working with Bus. Man Bishop Lamont is a great artist and friend of minds.
NODFACTOR.COM: How did u meet him?
King Karnov: Well. After I got the article in Scratch (Hydrosonics) he was like the first person that called me. At the time he just signed with Aftermath and was looking through Scratch when he turned to my article and called me.
NODFACTOR.COM: That’s hot!

King Karnov: Sent him beats and he just spread the wealth. Like everybody he knows he gave them a beattape and number. [There’] still artists that call because they got a beattape through Bishop [Lamont]. With that I got tracks lined up to put on there.

NODFACTOR.COM: So you had some big plans for a project that you were telling me about on the phone. What’s up now?
King Karnov: The mastered version of “Watch how u talk” is going on the album with 3 more artist. Just trying to get more songs and chop the first 16 for an album.
NODFACTOR.COM: You’re adding 3 more artists to that song? For your album?
King Karnov: A mixtape before the album is coming to called The Sire mixtape. The compilation afterward does not have a title yet. I’m just working on that. Got other features. Sean Price, Little Brother and others on my record and gettin more artists.

NODFACTOR.COM: Are you still using the same set-up as when you started? Or have your placements allowed you to expand?

King Karnov: Yeah. I have upgraded as far as setup goes. I upgraded to a MacBook pro. with Logic Pro 9. But now I have more guitars basses and a couple of vintage keyboards as well. I got the keyboards from a family member. Just a couple of old boards, a Roland and a old Yamaha. Also about to pick up a Moog or a poly evolver. Even though I do a lot within Logic I use Reason as well. Just working with artists has allowed me to expand
by selling brats of course but also by going to studios and studying some setups. It’s also just going to the Guitar Centers and searching for the right equipment.

NODFACTOR.COM: So do you record your self playing and treat the music like samples?
King Karnov: Sometimes or I lay the beat down and play some parts back
NODFACTOR.COM: Did you take lessons to play your instruments or just learned by ear?
King Karnov: I took piano and guitar lessons. I’ve been playing guitar and bass for along time. I’ve always played piano. My mom taught me. Then I got lessons from Sherman Davis who was a jazz musician and also my drum teacher.
NODFACTOR.COM: That’s great. I’m sure it makes a world of difference.
King Karnov: I love playing bass a lot but is hard to pick a favorite it does. Gives a lot of flexibility. man it’s been along time from 05.

NODFACTOR.COM: Yes! I’m proud to say that I played a small part in it all. lol

King Karnov: Man u played the most integral part to bringing me over the fence man. I remember when I submitted my beats to the mag. I had just lost my job at the post office. I was just like I have nothing to lose. No retreat no surrender. After that my wife got my PowerBook for my birthday right when u called. I just could not believe it. From Minnesota? I just thought the chances of you emailing me was like (John witherspoon said in ladysman) a wet bird flying at night.
NODFACTOR.COM: That’s the beauty of beats, they don’t know geography.
How has it been managing your career from out in Minneapolis?

King Karnov: King Karnov: It’s been cool. I’ve been on a couple of records, a lot of mixtapes and now I’m starting to really build my company with a great staff. Writers and a couple of personnel and preparing for first quarter. I’ve done a lot of research.
NODFACTOR.COM: What have you learned from it?
King Karnov: Minneapolis is far from the coasts but the music and the right people with you can bring good results. I learned that to produce you really have to study up on what that job title requires. It requires knowledge of music, engineering. Knowing how to work with writers, make good contacts along with great music. It’s not just putting a bunch of tight beats on a CD to send out because there are thousands of people doing that. There has to be individuals creating a different innovative sound. For me it has allowed me to not play the waiting game as long because if you are working on projects , or working with singers or mcs. It will allow you to tell artists what you have as a producer and ideas that can help them. Or you can put it out yourself as songs to be used.

NODFACTOR.COM: What have you learned on the business side?
King Karnov: The business side is the hardest part and it is where all the brainstorming takes place. That’s why I say you have to have the right personnel. Right now I’m in the process of hiring a new manager. I have 2 individuals I’m talking to right now but I have the rest of my staff hired. This is really a job along with making music. I have
three writers, one singer, one mc, and one lawyer who looks at my paper work.

I’m also working with a violinist and I am coming out with a instrumental album. I’m playing guitar and other instruments over it. [Making] joints with guitar solos or just all original stuff. Just trying to do all styles of music.

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