VIDEO: Just Blaze Vs. Alchemist @ RedBull Big Tune ATL

JLBarrow • November 04, 2009 • 3 Comments

Just spotted this new video on Nahright:





Props to

“Thanks to DJ KillaTouch for this footage from last night’s epic Red Bull Big Tune Battle of the Beats event at Opera in Atlanta. Jadakiss performed, and aspiring producers battled for the chance to collaborate with a major artist (last year’s winner, C-Sick, got his track laced by Nas)….then Alchemist and Just Blaze went beat for beat in a friendly “beat-off” (lol, ok, that didn’t sound right)
I can’t wait for more footage of this to come out (hit me if you see any), looked amazing!”

I would love to see one of these between Pete Rock and Premier…just back and forth for like…an hour LOL

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  • kingeros • 11 years ago

    yeah show was dope…i have great footage just was afraid to post because I thought Red Bull would trip….i had my cam and red bull peepz got at me earlier saying I couldn’t record for personal, but I got footage anyway…cats all over were recording

  • admin • 11 years ago

    Yeah, they shut down cameras at the One Stop Shop too but it’s worth it if you can grab something. The people won’t wait! lol Plus it’s great promo for the next event.

  • kingeros • 11 years ago

    no doubt I wanna post it man! So many peepz who missed out want to know the feel of the event. but propz on u posting this vid and….