UPDATE: Lil Fame Says Beat Was Miscredited

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Now this totally makes sense. Fizzy Womack gave an official statement to Kevinnottingham.com stating that the beat for “Rude Bastard” should not have been credited to him and that he did not make the statement on the Premier blog.

Given the state of disarray of that tracklisting I totally see how that happened. I hope this doesn’t keep people from buying the CD. It’s murda.

Spotted this over at Unkut.  I’m all for a producer getting his credit but dude MIGHT wanna “Stop Pushin..”

“…Yesterday a producer from Philly named Kil emailed a bunch of blogs to tell them about how a beat of his had ended-up on the new M.O.P. album on the track ‘Rude Bastard’, but was credited to Fizzy Womack. Things really got interesting when Lil’ Fame left a response over at the DJ Premier Blog (not Premier’s actual blog, but a fan-site):..”

FizzyWo said…

Shit happens bro. Tag your beat next time, i just happened to have that record, and did the shit up myself! Your version was way too LQ for us to even use it and trust me nigga, your drums are not rare. i got drums out the woodwork, but thank you for finding the right tuned snare for this sample. It’s not your beat anymore nigga, i re-created (as you did as well) with the same record, so LiL FaMe is the one claim!!! Don’t take it there either, we known to mash out. You know you love that song nigga. Stop crying and figure out your next move. PREEM is NOT riding with blog. Get off his balls.


The bigger issue is that the songs are all mislabeled on the CD. So if you copped the official copy “Rude Bastard” is actually “Crazy” f. Termanology”  and the track labeled “Forever and Always” is actually “Rude Bastard.”

That’s some real M.O.P shit, “fuck what the song called, just feel the shit, n*gga!”LOL

Either way cop Foundation on September 15th!!

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