Bloggin 4 Beats: The “Boom” Remix

JLBarrow • August 04, 2009 • No Comments

[note: I did this remix about a year ago and figured with Slaughterhouse making so much noise I’d bring it back]

Ok, I know what I said about taking a break from the remixes but this one just called me. Royce is one of my favorite MCs and when I found this acapella of “Boom” I had to take a swing at it.

Dammit this beat shyt is addictive. After listening to a “Boom” acapella, the original produced by DJ Premier and 9th Wonder’s remix a few times I finally decided to try my own. I wanted to maintain some of that same grit but give it my own style at the same time. The drums are fairly simply, nothing extravagant (though I have learned a lil more about the power of a well-placed hi-hat), but I added my flavor with the choice of sounds. The guitar chops and piano come courtesy of David Axelrod’s “The Smile.” (I’m constantly trying to find new ways to use breaks that have been touched by the masters.) The extra “sazon” is taking the whole “boom” theme literally with explosions happening throughout the track. The Armageddon pack in Battery 3 has some sounds I’ve used before and I liked the digital beeping that led to one explosion. I made that part of the actual beat (like Preemo used the ticking clock) and added a bassline( a mix of the “Boo Bass” and an actual filtered sampled). The finishing touches were the lines from “Threats” and “Juicy” and the CNN reel about the Unibomber to set it off. (That was a curious find since it’s been six years since “Boom” came out.) I tested it out on one of my trusted friends and he was like “send this to me NOW.” Guess he liked it. Maybe I’ll send it to Kino. LOL


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