Bloggin 4 Beats: Broken Wings

JLBarrow • July 07, 2009 • No Comments

This isn’t the first Maxwell beat I’ve done but it is the most recent. On a whim I decided to grab his first single off of Black Summer’s Night, the very popular “Pretty Wings” and give it the b-boy once over.

The first thing I took were those bells at the beginning. Anything that clear and open is getting jacked. Then I gutted a one-bar loop, some horns, the clap and went to work.  It all happened kind of fast. When I imported the loop the session tempo was set to 85 so it was sped up in Fruity Slicer to compensate. I liked the tempo so I ran with it. When I added my drums and the clap I liked the swing. Then I put a low pass filter on the break to give me a bassline and then used the bells for the body.


Tomorrow find out what I did with “Bad Habits”

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