And Then What Happened…Apple Juice Kid & Camp Lo

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When the new video for Camp Lo’s “Onsmash” hit the Internets (Dallas Penn, you’re a genius for that) I reached out to the homie Apple Juice Kid to get his recollections on working with Cheeba and Suede.

Words by The Apple Juice Kid

I got the opportunity to work with Camp Lo on their mixtape/album that just came out, Stone and Rob: Caught on Tape. I have been a fan of them since High School, and knew it would be a great match creatively for us to work together, especially since we were in the studio together recording this project. It seems like a lot of music is made with the producer emailing a track to an artist, and no one ever meets, or is in the same space making it. I know that can work, but to be in the studio with the artist, collabing on the spot, is a really amazing way to make a project.

We were in the middle of making the New Music Cartel exclusive EP and we were doing one joint for for each blog in the NMC, and we were on On Smash. When we do a Smoking Apples produced track, which is Cheeba and myself, Cheeba usually comes with the idea, and I execute it. He had the idea of using the Dope not Hype outro, to make a new beat.
Nice & Smooth- Dope not Hype

I sampled the ending in Adobe Audition, put it into redrum in reason, and slowed it down to a tempo that I knew would sound good for them to rhyme on. I pulled up some heavy drums, put a ton of reverb on them, just to create a different kind of sound, a twist. I kept adding bass and live drums, but in the end, the stripped down simple sound is what did it for everyone.

We got Styles P to do a guest spot on the track, once we knew it was going to be the single for the Stone and Rob project. Pete Rock ended up hearing the track in the studio when we were in NYC, loved it, and put another verse on it. We were shooting a spot for BET the same day he got on it: Another great producer, 6th sense helped with the engineering on this one…..I wanted to remix pop champagne, but with West Africa Drumming…I have been playing the Djembe since I was 16.

Pete Rock couldn’t make the video shoot, but he is on the version on the album. We split the video to make a double video with 89 of Crime on the second half, which I produced as well. It was a last minute addition, where I sampled an old reggae song, and added some delayed dubbed out drums on it, and it made the project at the very end. I have always loved dance hall and reggae music so I felt like using a more dubbed out version of reggae would work for the album.
Camp Lo featuring Styles P VIDEO:
On Smash/89 of Crime

I produced/co-produced 11 of the 13 songs on Stone and Rob, including one of my favorites, Regulate. It is co-produced with Rob Chaseman, who put horns on the track. We emailed it back and forth, and got the amazing, talented singer, Yahzarah to write and sing the Hook. It really shows what I like to do with production, combining the live and electronic elements to make a vintage futuristic sound. Stone and Rob Caught on Tape is on ITUNES and in stores now.
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