De La Soul: The Making Of “3 Feet High and Rising”

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of “3 Feet High and Rising” De La Soul gave Rollingstone Magazine a track by track break down of each song.

“The Magic Number”

Posdnous: “At that point, we were still trying things in Mase’s house, just having fun with records. [Schoolhouse Rock‘s] ‘Multiplication Rock’ was a record we just had and we were already in love with History of the Hip-Hop I record from Tommy Boy, where Double Dee and Steinski had the beat that was up top there, so we decided to just put those two together on our little Casio machine.”
Trugoy: “There was no plan back then. It was just putting songs together and placing them where they belonged. Obviously three of us in the group, ‘3 is the magic number’ became the philosophy, but mostly, it was just a song that we loved and it became part of the album.”

“Change in Speak”

Posdnous: “There was a record I found that had a whole bunch of great songs from the Mad Lads on it. Then we just decided to put the ‘Bra’ song from Cymade on it, we just started mashing things. We all worked together really well as a foursome, just trying to add different things.”

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