Bloggin 4 Beats: Common’s Gladiator Remix

JLBarrow • May 22, 2009 • No Comments


A few weeks ago we put ya’ll on to the Common “Gladiator” remix contest going at Dynamic Producer later this year. If you’re like me you grabbed that acapella and went to work whether you were entering the contest or not!

I’ve done a few Common remixes already and as soon as I heard the word “Gladiator” those classic “Long Red” drums came immediately to mind.  I’ve aready made a few beats using them so this was fun as hell. Once I had it matched up to his vocals I just ran through some horns that I have from some old Anime and a little bit of Donnie Hathaway. Then I sprinkled some quotes from both Gladiator and 300 for dramatic effect and that was it.

Oh, the bassline? Some filtered David Axelrod…


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