3rd Annual One Stop Shop Conference Highlights

JLBarrow • May 13, 2009 • 3 Comments


A lot of dope things went down at the 3rd annual One Stop Shop Producers Conference in Phoenix, but I wanted to share some words of wisdom that I jotted down with my analog communication device (video to come) during the first producer panel moderated by Chuck Creekmur from Allhiphop.com. (Yes, I know that pic is from the 2008 conference. Just read, dammit. )


You make the equipment talk. If its funky it’s gonna come out of you. I’m still on the MPC-60. Redman came by the other day and said you still got that raggedy shit?

We’re from the analog era and would cut ourselves with razor blades messing with two inch reels. I just learned Pro Tools 3 years a go. It frustrated me at first, but once I started to learn the tricks my brain went into a whole other gear. Now I love Pro Tools. I do embrace technology now. I hated Serato at first but Jazzy J and Jazzy Jeff said this is for you…I’m still needle droppin though. -DJ Premier

I’m about to make a beat on a blackberry. I’m lyin, but each machine does have a distinctive sound. The MPC 2000 and the 3000 have a different sound. –Black Milk

You should learn to DJ with vinyl and you’ll understand Serato so much more. Learn the history of what you’re doing before you rock the software.- Statik Selektah


The best way to get placements is not to worry about it. Just make quality work and it’s gonna end up in the right hands – B.O.B.

We bought Lil Flip a bottle of Moet and followed him around the club. We’ve sent Lil Wayne a thousand beats over the last few months.
Play N Skillz

A lot of the problem is that [a producer] will be good but they’re trying to be somebody else. It takes time to be unique. When I started out I was making fake DJ Premier beats all day. – Jake One

Don’t put 30 beats on a CD. If you put 4 or 5 heaters and you get the neck going with the first 2, you gotta check – Tye Fyfe


I don’t really worry about samples too much. I buy a lot of obscure records. On the independent side it doesn’t play as much of a factor. – Black Milk

When you first start out it shouldn’t make a difference.Stay away from big names. Try to chop it to the point of them not recognizing. It’s a dangerous thing. When I did that G-Unit record I saw a whole lot of money go down the drain. But if you don’t know what I did you can’t catch me. – Jake One

If you use anything under Bridgeport Music you getting stepped to. – DJ Premier

If you feel you have a hot MC and you have something unique and it sounds cohesive ride that out. When we first came out saying “el Segundo” people were like “wtf is this?”
But it was a subculture, a movement. Don’t try to be different, you just have to be different. Follow your own heart. – Q-Tip

If you’re gonna be selling your beats online make sure your rights are protected. Everybody got love for Dilla but dudes make songs using his beattapes. Make sure that you’re protected. – Jake One

I [ghostproduced] for East West records back in the Das Efx days. A good friend of mine had just gotten out of jail and he gave me a big wad of money. We were cool so I did it for him. And he got his foot in the door. –DJ Premier

The video game industry shits on the music industry. They sell more games than anything and those guys are into the music WE make.- Statik Selektah

People at Rockstar Games are Gang Starr fans and they are shaping the industry – DJ Premier

I sent Nas two joints and he’s writing. I’m waiting to see what he does. Pete Rock

We haven’t been paid for Tha Carter 3 yet, but what are we gonna do, sue him and never get to work with him again? We just gotta get our money. –Play N Skillz

A lot of A&Rs have their own producers and will limit you to working with them and that fucks the game up. – B.O.B.

Beat battle finals courtesy of Bahamabeats.com.

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