Bloggin 4 Beats: Player’s Anthem Remix

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Ahh your boy is back on the beats. My little one has been keeping me hella bizzy and my late nights have been spent sleeping, not on Fruity Loops. But she’s approaching 3 months and sleeping a little better so I followed through on some inspiration.

While I was watching Outkast and UGK’s “International Player’s Anthem” video and Pimp C (R.I.P.) said “She’s a choosy lover…” I figured why not remix it using the Isley Brothers song. I have no beef with the Paul and Juicy’s Willie Hutch sample used in the original I just wanted to try a different flavor.

Anyway, I kept it rather simple taking the intro drums and time stretching them to fit the tempo of the beat (shout out to Warbeats for that tutorial!) After lifting a few guitar sections I created 3 different loops of varying lengths. When I know different MCs are on a track I like to switch the beat up, so I was preparing different sections.beat-screenshot

After the guitar parts there was that one-note synthesizer sound under the word “Lover” that  I “played” out in the piano roll. It’s my favorite part of the beat and I slid that under Bun B’s vocals.


Lastly, I broke up the acapella into pieces so that I could match them up to the beat as  best possible. It’s still not perfect but if I waited until it was I’d never blog or post anything. Plus, I welcome any and all suggestions on how to fix that cuz I’m still learning as I go. (Yes, OSK there is still that drift in certain verses but time stretching the vocals individually was not something I was about to undertake right now.)

So let me know what you think and send any remixes you have to and tell us how you did them!

[audio:Players Anthem (Choosy Remix).mp3]

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