Who Did That Beat? Bei Maejor

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Name: Bei Maejor

Age: 22

Reppin: Michigan

Tracks: Trey Songz “Your Behind,” Plies “Water”, Chingy “Spend Some $$,” Bun B “Hold You Down”

Contact: www.myspace.com/beimaejor

Interview by Christopher Buckley

Nodfactor: How would you describe Bei Maejor’s sound?

BMaj:Kids playing on drums and synthesizers in a south American Rainforest

Nodfactor:What inspired you to become a producer?

BMaj:Just having fun being creative….I started in high school and just got into it and it took off pretty fast.

Nodfactor:What was your first official placement and how did that come about?

BMaj:The homie Trey Songz first album. The track was originally for a mixtape ended up making the album. “Your Behind” They called me and told me I was flying to LA…It was completely out of nowhere.

Nodfactor:Being that you are a young, up and coming producer, when it comes to obtaining placements what complications, if any, do you face going up against the more well known established producers?

BMaj:I don’t really get into that much. I just try to make the best music I can. This industry is so political it can drive you crazy if you let it.

Nodfactor:What was the experience like working with Trey Songz?

BMaj:Trey is incredible vocally and creatively. Troy Taylor and Trey taught me a lot of what I know today about arranging songs. Trey is very laid back in the studio so we have fun.

Nodfactor:You’ve also been in the studio working with Ne-Yo also, what were those sessions like and what is the difference in the approach between the 2 r&b artists?

BMaj:Ne-Yo is one of the greatest writers of our time. The way he puts together a song is almost like a symphony. I’m honored to work with him.

Nodfactor:You got your first gold plaque for your production of the track “Hold you down” off of Bun B’s “Trill” album can you describe the feeling you had when you first heard about being a part of a top selling album?

BMaj:that feeling is indescribable. I felt blessed ….coming from doing music in my room to that. It was awesome.

Nodfactor:Your currently in Atlanta working on music, are there any up and coming artists you’rre working with that we should check for?

Bmaj:Plenty! I produced Letoya Luckett’s new single “Not Anymore” set to be released in a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted as other things become released.

Nodfactor:We’re fresh into the new year but what can we expect from Bei Maejor in ’09?

BMaj:Ahhhh…can’t release all the details yet. I am very excited about the new year. Just watch!

Nodfactor:Currently the producer market seems to be very over saturated what advice can you give to those who are still trying to crack the game and get their first track placed

BMaj:I believe that everything works according to a divine order and timing. That being said, I’d also say to create music because you love it- not to break into the industry.

Nodfactor:The majority of your work has been in the r&b genre do you prefer to make that type of music or have you just found it easier to succeed in that realm?

BMaj:It’s just what I started with proffesionally. I originally started doing rap beats and then merged into rnb/pop. Now I’m into rock and everything else.

Nodfactor:Any last words for our readers out there?

God Bless You!

Check out this new Letoya Luckett song, “Not Anymore” produced by Bei Major!

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