Replay Value:Why You Should Clear Your Samples

JLBarrow • January 13, 2009 • 2 Comments

I love a great break as much the next guy but it’s not worth losing your shirt over. Rich Isaacson, one-half of Fuerte Music Group (and responsible for the success of early Loud Records artists like Big Pun, Mobb, Wu, Xzibit, Funk Flex and 36 Mafia) with his partner Jerry Blair  talks here about how replaying samples won’t get you around a lawsuit. You have to make something completely new.  Ask Easy Mo Bee.

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  • beatlease • 12 years ago

    I’d like some clear legal advice on the sampling of single hit drum sounds. For example, lets say I take a snare sample from a Prince song and use it in one of my productions.

    That single hit sample does’nt have any influence over the melodic composition of my song and I dont see how it takes from the composition of the Prince song.

    I know a lawyer will simply want to cover his ass by saying “just dont do it” but lets be realistic, we all do it. So lets get a real world example. Does anyone know of a case where someone got sued for using a snare or kick drum sample without getting clearance? If so who won?

    I cant be the only one out there who wants an answer to this questions.


  • admin • 12 years ago

    I’ll do some snooping around and look into that, Beatlease!