AUDIO: Easy Mo Bee Speaks On Bad Boy & Biggie, PT 1

JLBarrow • January 12, 2009 • 2 Comments


I know that the whole world is in Biggie mode over the Notorious movie so before the holidays I caught up with Mr. Wallace’s first producer, Easy Mo Bee. I had a great talk with Mo Bee several years ago for that 10th Anniversary Biggie cover I wrote for The Source (where’s my money???) so I was happy that he was doing interviews again in advance of the film.

Of course I took advantage and got an hours worth of convo beyond the film drama (how you not gonna have Mo Bee involved in a movie about Biggie???). So I’m gonna do a whole week’s worth of Mo Bee clips cuz we spoke about the influence of Marley Marl, how he met Tupac, producing for the RZA, his first turntables and too much stuff for me to transcribe. Holla.

[audio:Easy Mo Bee For Nodfactor Part 1.mp3]

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