And Then What Happened…88 Keys Gets Played

JLBarrow • November 11, 2008 • 1 Comment

There are 8 Million stories in the naked city and half of them happen in the recording studio. So from time to time I’m going to drop some narratives from your favorite producers and DJs. (Some of ya’ll remember “Tales From The Booth”…if you don’t, you can catch up now).

In our first installment of “And Then What Happened…” 88 Keys recounts how a shady engineer started twisting on his girls knobs…

There was this girl I liked and fell into the friend zone. This is when I was interning at a studio in Long Island. I was a teenager or whatever. I brought her to the studio and introduced her to Busta Rhymes and Das Efx. I hadn’t even kissed this girl on the lips, I was trying to court her for like a month and a half. But there was this young hot-shot engineer that befriended her unbeknownst to me. A week later my co-worker, one of the other engineers, called me at 10:30 at night and said “you need to come to the studio right now.” The other engineer was there with “my girl.” You know studios have the big ass window but the lights in the live room were out. They’re in the actual studio and I’m in the live room with the engineer that called me. We stood there and watched them talking to each other, the heavy petting started and they start kissing each other. Then they went around the studio console and started boning right in front of us. The distance between us and them is like a foot and a half but they couldn’t see us at all. It’s kind of like one of those peep shows but this was a girl I had feelings for who never kissed me in a month and a half but got swept off her feet in less than a week by this engineer and getting boned raw dog. The engineer who told me about it was a big Italian dude and he was like “just say the word and I’ll rip his head off.” She actually came to my house the next day bearing gifts. Brought me lunch for the first time in her life. I beeped her, this is when Smart Beep was poppin in NY, and asked her what she did yesterday and she straight lied to me. The funny thing is, the guy I’m talking about, I won’t say his name, once he reads this he’ll know the whole deal. He’s in the industry. I’ll just say he’s in the music entertainment industry.

as told to Jerry L. Barrow

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