And Then What Happened…Freddie Foxxx’s Industry Shakedown

JLBarrow • October 20, 2008 • 1 Comment

Battle MC Freddie Foxxx recalls making Industry Shakedown with Pete Rock and DJ Premier…

I made Industry Shakedown in this house in Queens, it was an old concrete house. I rented the upstairs of the house from this old lady and I built a studio in her house cuz I wanted to have a certain energy and vibe. My brother Taheem got murdered in the middle of the album, so it was hard for me to get through the album, but I pushed it out. Preemo had a studio that I went to but Pete was the only producer that would come to me and work in my studio and I did the whole album on ADATs. It had a nice grit to it, we mixed it in there and everything. If you ever look on the ‘net there’s a picture of me sittin in a real tight studio with a lot of equipment around me and I‘m sittin in a chair with a Krupt Mob t-shirt on with my fists balled up. That was the studio I did Industry Shakedown in. There were a lot of records around, a lot of diggin. This lady had all kinds of crap in the house. She had mice, it was old, but I just wanted to be in a real hard setting when I did it….It took maybe 6 months to a year.

[Watching Premier and Pete Rock] was an education. Those guys really produced me. They sat down and said ‘say this part again, and say it harder.’ They took the position of a pilot. Most guys give me a track and let me do what I want. Pete Rock and I did a lot of records for Industry Shakedown and I only used a couple of them and I still have the others. I wanted to put “Chancellor” and some other ones on Konexion but I figured down the line I’d do a Pete Rock album. He was bringin me so much fire that I still got a catalogue of beats from Pete that I didn’t use. I plan on dropping another Konexion album called Re-Konnected. Those are all the songs that I didn’t use from Konexion and Industry Shakdown with all the Pete Rock stuff on it.

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1 Comment

  • illill • 11 years ago

    that freddie foxx and pete rock album needs to drop it
    put it on twitter or something freddie…those joints you played on the ustream with you and pete are the sickiest