The Leak: Foreign Exchange’s “Daykeeper”

JLBarrow • September 08, 2008 • No Comments

Phonte and Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange are giving away their new single “Daykeeper” f/ Muhsinah for free download on their site. It is the first single from their new CD, Leave It All Behind.

“It took us nearly two years to finish this song, ” says Nicolay. “Going through mix after mix until we thought we finally had it right. There’s about 64 different vocal parts alone. Truly a labor of love.”

Leave It All Behind is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed CD, Connected, which featured the hits “Come Around” and “Sincere.”

Be sure to tune into Sugatreats Radio on 90.3FM WHCR at 8pm to hear the on-air debut of “Daykeeper” but you can peep it below:


For more on the Foreign Exchange visit

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