Producer Mr. 305 Claims He Leaked Rick Ross Photos

JLBarrow • July 29, 2008 • No Comments

According to, Miami producer Mr 305 has claimed responsibility for leaking the photos of Rick Ross as a corrections officer. Allegedly he was asked to find them by Trick Daddy.

“I had custody of these things for a little minute since the first Ozone Awards they had.  Trick and Ross were going through it then.  Trick was getting offended that Ross was saying that he was the boss and the ‘Mayor of Miami’ because Trick started all that.”

Mr. 305, who says he grew up with Trick Daddy, claims that Trick asked him to obtain the photos saying, “I gotta straighten that nigga.”

“I did my lil research and I got the documents,” he said.  Then Trick and Ross squashed their beef.

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