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Name: Emmanuel Nyei
From: The Sudan
Contact: www.myspace.com/nuelmusic1

1) You were born in the Sudan, how has your culture influenced your creation of music?

My culture influenced my music creation because it was the first type of music i heard. At 6 or 7 years of age, our tribe, every now and then has tribal ceremonies or dances called “Nugara”, where they played bongo drums, ashikos, that can be heard from 3 miles away, and they danced all night long. So I would go home and make my own bongos and ashikos, from animal skin, and try to play that same rhythm.

2)In your profile you say “I learned so much, as far as mixing, mastering, track arrangments to name a few.” What exactly have you learned? Can you provide examples?

Well, when I first started I didnt know much, nothing at all. I didn’t know what mixing, mastering, or anything like that. I just looped many sounds together, played and recorded them, period. But then when I go back to listen and compare my tracks to those of the professionals, I’m like “damn, something doesn’t sound right”. Thats when I learned that tracks have to be broken down, correctly arranged, and mixed properly in order to give a whole “feel” to it.

3) So many people pick up Fruity Loops and just go in. Did you ever stop to read the manuals?

Honestly, I was just so eager to create something that reading the manuals never crossed my mind. I’m more of a “hands-on” learner. I just picked up and taught myself everything I know now. For those who read the manuals, it might be seen as an advantage but, those that didn’t read the manuals establish their own way of creating music.

4) Where do you get your sounds? Do you play any instruments?

The sounds in Fruity Loops was all I used at first. But as time went by, I started realizing that their sounds [don’t] really sound professional. Thats when I bought sounds from ebay and downloaded some as well. I dont play any instruments, however, I’ll be attending music classes in college this fall. They teach piano and many other instruments, so maybe by next year I’ll be playing something.

5) Have you recorded any of your songs with artists?

I have worked with some local artists, and some upcoming artists in other states, no one who’s really out there.

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