Media Take Out: Finding Jean Grae

JLBarrow • June 08, 2008 • No Comments

If you ask Jean she’ll tell you I’m a stalker in my own head. But just to prove my point I followed her out in the street to see what she was doing with her alleged retirement time:

Media Take Out Part 1

1) and 2) With rising gas prices, Jean Greezy is doing her part to save the environment and using alternate means of transportation…

Media Take Out Part 2

3) Since the labels only want to put out chicken head music, Jean is getting ready to cook-up some chicken…:

Media Take Out Part 3

4) But don’t get it twisted, the head wrap is functional not a fashion statement.

Media Take Out Part 4

5) “Get out of my cart N*gger, these are vegetables! Chiterlings are THAT way!” -Dave Chapelle, For What It’s Worth

Media Take Out Part 5

Now we’ll see if this will get Jean, aka Run Run Shaw, to give us an interview…giggety giggety!

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