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JLBarrow • May 18, 2008 • 3 Comments

Name: Jack Nickelz

Representing: Hartford,CT


1) I see in your setup that you have both an MPC and Fruity Loops. Which were you using first and do you use them together now?

I originally started to learn how to make beats on the MPC 2000XL. And to be honest…I tell everyone if you can get your hands on an MPC 2000XL go on and get that because it is pretty much one of the best machines in my mind to work with. Once I load a sample into it, I pretty much have free reign over it. There is no opening up this program and thing swinging everything over to that program. It’s a one stop spot. The only thing is, I don’t have the mobility with it. Now like all producers I had a rough spot where I was aching for dough and had to choose rent or the MPC. Hated to do it but the MPC had to go. Thus forcing me to get with the 9th Wonder backed FL Studio. It took me a little bit to get used to, but now I love using it. Right now I’m strictly FL Studio. And I’ve learned to do everything inside the program. I’ve remixed songs using just FL and created a lot of joints on it. I love the fact that if I load it on a laptop, I can pretty much make a beat any and everywhere.

2) You seem to have a lot of experience working with indie artists. How did you get started? I started in this game as a DJ, then I became an emcee. One of the main reasons I started making my own beats is so I didn’t have to wait on anyone for a track. Plus the fact that sometimes some producers don’t listen to artists and I didn’t want to always have to deal with that. As I started getting better with my craft, some of the guys that I spit with would come to me for a track. My boys Casino Dialz and Sinis were the first guys to trust in my sound enough to let me do their whole project. That lead to other people hearing my tracks and wanting to work with me. But to be honest things really started popping off when I started using MySpace more than normal. I would jump on MySpace and connect to indie artists and talk to them about working together. I’ve given away a lot of tracks in order to work with a lot of people. But hey…sometimes you have to do things like that. And now I can say I’ve worked with a variety of people such as Apathy from here in CT to Pestalance from Houston and Kehmak in Canada. I’ve come to realize that a lot of guys like working with me because of my unique beat style and sample selection and my ear for the music.

3) You replayed Bob James’ “Angela” (The theme to taxi) on “Latka Kravitz.” What did you play it on? Are you trained in keyboard or did u learn by ear?

The Latka Kravitz actually is the simple chopped up sample from the actually song. I never played it out. What I did was chop the piece I liked and placed them in the order that I would like to hear them song wise. A lot of people think I played it out because of how smoothly the chopped sample pieces connect. Of course the whole track was produced on the MPC for a beat CD project I did with my boy, MF Swayz. As far as being trained in keyboard, of course like everyone else I took classes in school…but I mostly play by ear.

4) Do you have a studio where you record? If so how did you put it together?

Right now I’ve started to get things set where I can record in my own crib. But I’ve recorded in various studios from Jaxsn Music, Studio 26, The Halfway House, etc. As for what I’m putting together in my crib, the pieces I have now are my lovely hand built PC running FL Studio, Adobe Audition and ACID Pro 6. I plan on getting my M-Audio interface so I can move up to Pro Tools or rock with Cubase.

5) Do you have any up-coming projects? Lord do I!! Right now I just finished remixing joints from Blak Philly.

I just finished doing a joint for Apathy as I mentioned before. I have projects from guys in my crew like Casino Dialz, Myk Fevah & Kinkade Tha Bully. I’m currently doing joints for Sinis, Original Soul, Pestalance, ROCKOLEONE, A Rock band named Rotary and others. And I’m really looking forward to hooking up with my old partners, The Forgotten Soulz, Doc Vaporz and Jimmy Fontaine on our upcoming joint. And as always, I’m always looking to work with more people.

To be considered for Hydrosonics send an MP3 or link to a song (imeem or Myspace is fine) to hydrosonics@nodfactor.com. Registered users will get preference in response.

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