Bloggin For Beats: Justifying My Thug

JLBarrow • May 06, 2008 • No Comments

I’ve been a violent mood. Maybe it’s the proximity of Grand Theft Auto 4 coming out a week after NYPD cops were acquitted for murdering a man outside of a strip club. Maybe it’s my cable box fuggin up my DVR of Family Guy. Either way, I’m pissed

My “pistivity” seems to be coming out in my beats. I had this crazy drum pattern running in Fruity Loops at about 90 BPMs and I was waiting for it to tell me what to add. I’ve been experimenting with “no samples” beats just to see if I can do it. When I say “no samples” I mean nothing from actual records that would have to be cleared. I own a few sound libraries from Big Fish so I started loading sounds into the channels; first an organ, then some different guitar sounds. There was definitely some aggression getting worked out so I started looking for an acapella to play against it. I sorted my playlist in Mixmeister to see what I had at 90 BPms and of course a bunch of Jay-Z songs came up, so I clicked on “Justify My Thug.” No disrespect to DJ Quick but it was my least favorite beat on The Black Album so I relished the idea of doing it over.

After playing the acapella over a few times in Adobe Audition I separated the three verses and loaded them into separate audio channels of FL. Clearly the original hook wasn’t going to cut it so I looked for some more aggressive vocals and of course MOP came screaming at me. I thought the irony of them wilin on a Jay-Z record would be fun (they were signed to Roc-A-Fella for years and never put an album out). So I clipped Billy’s “Blow! Hold dat!” from “Ante Up” and looped it.

From there it was just arranging the sounds and adjusting the levels. And yes that digitized sound from the intro to Redman’s “Let’s Get Dirty” is from a sound library. That’s my rampage for the night. I gots no chips for a Ps3 or an Xbox 360 so this will have to do.

Justify My Thug (remix)

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