DJ Green Lantern: “Of course Hip-Hop Deserves its own Guitar Hero.”

JLBarrow • April 20, 2008 • 1 Comment

Green Lantern

In an up-coming interview with Radio-One’s DJ/Producer Green Lantern spoke candidly about his role in Grand Theft Auto 4, producing for Pete Rock and whether the hip-hop game needs its own game.

“I have no comment and that may be because I have something in development,” Green Lantern teases when asked if hip-hop is ready for its own version of the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games. “But of course we deserve it. If you can have a Rock Band then why not a DJ Hero or an MC Hero, or whatever it would be named because MC Hero [would sound] really corny.”

The popular producer for Busta Rhymes and Ludacris was tapped by the folks at Rock Star Games to host his own channel of original music in the up-coming Grand Theft Auto 4, which is based in his native New York City.

“It’s the first time they put that much responsibility in somebody’s hands,” he says proudly. While he is mum on whether he makes an appearance in the game he adds, “There’s some real legendary, relevant individuals in the game. They have some surprises.”

In addition to his work with Rock Star, Green Lantern was recently featured as the only outside producer on Pete Rock’s New York’s Finest, giving him the beat for “Don’t Be Mad.” He is also currently working on a Barack Obama mixtape with Russell Simmons.

“It’s not like [Obama] is officially endorsing it,” he clarifies. “But I’m going to make it real easy for him to stand next to the music that’s on it. It’s the first time a presidential candidate has had a mixtape.”

As a special surprise, Green Lantern was joined by Pete Rock in his studio halfway through the interview. Keep checking back to and the soon to be launched for exclusive video from that sit-down between two of New York’s finest.

-Jerry L. Barrow

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