Alchemist, Rick Rock, DJ Khalil and others give away $100K beats

JLBarrow • April 03, 2008 • 1 Comment

Sway and King Tech, iconic hosts of the World famous Wake Up Show are looking for the next Eminem and they got some unprecedented help.

Using their new online social network for musicians,, they are sponsoring a month long search for the next hot MC. But rather than have contestants upload original songs they have been given free use of beats supplied by twenty-two of the best producers money can buy, including Pete Rock, J-Dilla, Alchemist, DJ Babu and Rick Rock.

“We’ve been doing the Wake Up Show for about eighteen years now,” begins Tech. “I’ve [had] so many talented cats that come through the show and [I thought to myself] if this dude had a better beat he could do something.”

With the growing number of artists flooding Myspace trying to get their music heard, Sway and Tech wanted to find an efficient way to separate the wheat from the chaff. “It’s like everyone can go to Toys R Us and buy a basketball and go play with the Lakers, ” he jokes. “You look at the court and can’t tell who’s Kobe.”

So they got on the phone and reached out to producers they knew and respected. Once the site was built they advertised the contest on the air. The winner will be chosen by online voting and receive $5000 in prize money. Contestants can use any of the beats, but can only submit three completed songs.

“If you can’t rap to one of these beats you shouldn’t be rapping,” says Tech. “We did the Wake Up Show for years and this is our way of giving back. Rap music needs our help because the average person can’t get a J-Dilla or Focus track. The philosophy was let’s all work together and find the next ill dude. Somebody needed to do something. 70% of rap right now is a joke.”

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1 Comment

  • Algorythm • 13 years ago

    Dope idea! This way average joe rappers aren’t jacking the same Hip Hop Top 10 beats that you find on every other demo/mixtape. Definitely a step in the right direction for rappers and producers as well.