Producer Gal “Ladies First”

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Name: Cara (aka Producer Gal)
Age: 26
Where from: Montreal, Canada
Producer Gal on Myspace
Key Tracks: “Simply Thankful”

1)Ski Beats just tapped you as the winner of the Crate Kings beat battle. What was that competition like and how did it feel for him to pick you?
I love competing against other talented beatmakers. It’s always interesting to hear how someone else will come at you musically. I’ve won other beat competitions and the feeling is still the same. It’s rewarding to sit in front of my equipment, delve into a track, and make something within the hour that will affect people positively. I appreciate being held as the champion. But I think all the 60 beatmakers that took part in the contest are winners.

2) Are you more software or hardware based?
I love the hands on experience of playing equipment (keyboards, drum machines) as well as software flexibility.

3) What mistakes have you learned from in the studio?
Haha , I’ve learned that you cannot let everyone listen to what you’re creating. Next thing you know, that friend of a friend who came with your friend went home and now is trying to sound like a bad imitation of you.

4)What is the last piece of equipment you purchased?
I got me some EVENT 8 XL studio monitors

5) What is your favorite beat so far and how did you make it?
“Simply thankful” and “Staying away” because they have pretty and many elements. Cubase was the culprit.

6) How has being a woman effected your experience as a producer?
They say that men and women think differently. In many ways, this is true. Musically, I don’t know that there is a difference. If you love and respect music, it shouldn’t matter what your gender is. I don’t know, maybe the fact that I’m a woman makes me less brutal to critique someone’s work? (haha) And as far as work opportunities, it’s all about how consistent a person can be. And how efficient they are in a pressure situation. As someone once said “A real producer will be able to work on the spot. On demand.” This is a skill we all have to work on, no matter what field you work in.

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