Daily Conversation: The best produced album you’ve never heard

JLBarrow • March 28, 2008 • 1 Comment

I’m officially a sleeper. I’d met this brother Torae on two different occasions and politely gave him a pound each time before registering who exactly he was. But rather than cop an attitude about having to introduce himself twice he confidently handed me a copy of his CD, Daily Conversation, and simply told me to play it. Torae, if you’re reading this, I’m saying to the world: “MY BAD, BROTHER.”

I’m not going to even spend a lot of time telling you how lyrically nice this Brooklynite is. He’s nice, period. Not just cuz I said so, but because the producers that laced this album wouldn’t give this much heat to a lame. Track after track heavy hitters like DJ Premier, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Black Milk and Marco Polo pulled out the stops for this man.

I’m not sure who Eric G is but he started this CD off with a spiked bat to your head on “Callin Me.” I’m gonna have to start a whole new section named “Who Did That?” just to talk to this man. For Real.

Khrysis kills it on “Something to See”(piano is crazy) “Save The Day” (that’s some ’08 throwback ish for real) and “Da Nigguz Is Comin.” (Did Evil D flip that sample at Beat Society a few years ago? Can’t remember, but you still drew chalk lines around that beat, man.)

Black Milk continues to impress on “Switch.” I love how he channels Dilla without biting him outright. The cavernous drums almost set off my airbags, dunny.

Premier gives him not one but TWO pieces of Kryptonite (heat rocks sounds so 1995) on “Click” and “Get It Done.” Anyone who has held their release date waiting on ONE Preemo beat knows what big deal that is. Salute.

9th seems to really be feeling that move to the MPC cuz the swing on “Fantaztik 4 “is Ben Grim status. It’s clobbering time!

Basically, I’m saying go out and cop Daily Conversation because I haven’t heard beats this hard on a debut since…man, I dunno. I dare you to pick a beat you don’t like. Props to Torae. I may change my ratings system weekly so I give the beats on Daily Conversation 5 Tannoys out of 5. –Jerry L. Barrow

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