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JLBarrow • March 07, 2008 • No Comments

In my former life as Editor of Scratch magazine I picked an up-and-coming producer out of a box of hundreds that I thought was illmatic. His name was King Karnov. It’s taken about three years and a lot of politics but my man has his first official joint for Freddie Foxx, “Dream Catcher,” being spun by DJ PRemier on Sirius Satellite radio. “You opened the door for me and I appreciate it, I definitely learned a lot, ” says Karnov. “If I had to do it again I would do it the same way. I learned a lot about the business. It’s a lot more than doing a beat and sending it out. You gotta track out everything, separate the drums…there’s a lot more to it.”

Karnov is also working on Aftermath Artist Bishop Lamont’s debut CD, a track called “You Ain’t Fresh.” “I have one version where I replayed all the instruments, but I think he’s gonna use the sample version. Once I get the paperwork done I’ll tell you which sample.”

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